Monday, April 25, 2016

Simple Pleasures: Stories from My Life as an Amish Mother (MennoMedia, March 2016)
Young Amish homemaker Marianne Jantzi invites readers into her family’s life on the snowy plains of Ontario.
The mother of four young children and wife of a storekeeper, Jantzi writes about her daily routines and heartfelt faith with equal measures of wit and warmth. Sewing, cleaning, cooking, gardening, and helping to manage the store take up most hours in her day, but Jantzi finds time to pen columns for the Connection, a magazine beloved by Amish and Mennonite readers across the United States and Canada. Never sugarcoating the frustrations of motherhood, Jantzi tells it like it is, broken washing machine and bickering children and all. But through her busy days, Jantzi finds strength in simple pleasures of family, fellowship with her Amish community, and quiet time with God.
My Review:
For those who love to read Amish fiction, you will enjoy reading about the everyday life of a real Amish family. The Author shares how her family manages home and work. She shares how her community handle caring for their own, weddings and holding church services. This is an enjoyable read. Also enjoy the family recipes the author graciously shares with the readers.
I received a copy of this book in exchange for my review.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


The Atonement Paperback by Beverly Lewis  (Author)

The mistakes of the past haunt Lucy Flaud, who years ago stopped attending the activities for courting-age young people in her hometown of Bird-in-Hand. Now twenty-five and solidly past the age of Amish courtship, Lucy has given up any hope of marriage, instead focusing her efforts on volunteering in both the Plain and fancy communities of Lancaster County. Yet no matter how hard Lucy strives, she feels uncertain that she'll ever find redemption.

Dale Wyeth has a deep mistrust of modern-day "advances" and the dependency they create. The young Englisher's interest in living off the grid is fueled further when he meets Christian Flaud, Lucy's father. Dale appreciates the self-sufficient ways of the Old Order Amish, and Christian invites him to learn more about them by staying at the family farm.

As Christian and Dale grow closer, developing a father-son rapport, Lucy begins to question what Dale's being there might mean for her. Could God be testing her? Or is it possible that even the most unworthy heart--and two people from very different walks of life--can somehow find a new beginning?
I love Beverly Lewis' books and this book did not disappoint. This story centers around Lucy. Lucy has a past that she can't get over. She has suffered loss that she can't grieve. So Lucy fills her life doing volunteer work. But no matter how much she does for others she still feels far from God and His Goodness.
As the story unfolds you realize she still hasn't forgiving her self or a member of her family. Can Lucy find what she is missing in her life? How does the Englisher man her father brings home fit into her life. I highly recommend this book. Enjoy!

I received a copy of this book in exchange for my review.


A Dream of Miracles (The Amish Wonders Series) Paperback – April 12, 2016