To the wounded,
the worn,
the wondering.
And to all those who let us
see their scars
so others can discover
Hope’s hideout.

It is one thing to live with the consequences of your own choices, but what happens when your life is changed because of someone else’s? This insightful and uplifting guide will comfort, support and encourage you through whatever situation you must face. Cynthia Ruchti, who has walked this road herself, assures readers that God is ever present and His love never wavers. There is hope, grace, and a future in every situation, especially those that we did not cause.
“With compassion and warmth, Cynthia Ruchti writes about people who made unwise, immature, or calculated bad decisions that threw them and others into chaos. And yet, even in the worst moments, some held onto what she calls rugged or true hope. ‘True hope is indestructible.’ Those four words sum up the positive message of this book.”
– Cecil Murphey, bestselling author of more than 135 books, including Making Sense When Life Doesn’t, Gifted Hands, and 90 Minutes in Heaven
“If you have ever had to pick up tough responsibilities when someone else dumped a problem in your lap, read this book. I highly recommend it!”
– Carol Kent, speaker and author of When I Lay My Isaac Down
Ragged Hope celebrates God’s fingerprints in difficult, harrowing stories, reminding us that he can heal the deepest of wounds.”
– Mary DeMuth, speaker and author of The Wall Around Your Heart
“What a beautiful book! So readable, the pages practically turn themselves. Ragged Hope is filled with stories written for those who are weary, worn, and wounded. It offers each of us exactly that–hope that God can do a mighty work, even with those of us who carry the ugliest of scars.”
– Debbie Macomber, #1 NYTimes bestselling author
“Sometimes with humor but always with artistry, gentleness, and grace, (Cynthia) refreshes the weary soul through wonderfully crafted stories of real people liek us. This book will turn you into a carrier of hope!”
– Jan Kern, author of Scars That Wound, Scars That Heal and found of Voice of Courage
“This is not a book for your shelf, but a tool that must be place in the hands of people who live in a culture where hope is often deferred, but the reality is that hope is knocking at the door.”
– Jason Hirsch, Lead Pastor of North Ridge Church and Leadership Trainer and Conference speaker for
“This book is, at its heart, a celebration of human resilience and God’s unfailing love and power at work to redeem, reclaim, and restore, as God shines indestructible hope into the darkest corners of our experience.”
– Mary Pierce, professional counselor, speaker, and author of When Did My Life Become a Game of Twister? and other books of inspiration for women
“Read this book to find the strong hope that sings through the pain… As a Christian psychologist and professor, I recommend this book highly. It packs a powerful message for all of us who need healing from life’s hurts and who want to be pointed to hope’s doorway.”
– Betsy A. Barber, PsyD, Assc. Director, Institute for Spiritual Formation, Talbot School of Theology; Director, Center for Spiritual Renewal, Biola University
“As a survivor of more than one of the events described in this amazing book, I can attest to Cynthia Ruchti’s gentle hand and powerful teaching on these tough topics.”
– Kathleen Y’Barbo, author of The Secret Lives of Will Tucker series
“How much will your choices cost me? Everyone has experienced the burn and turmoil of this question. Ragged Hope finely knits together the answer. The recognizable weak chords of humanity will draw you into each account, leaving you anxious to see where God shows up and how the balm of hope was applied.”
– Angel Hirsch, minister to the broken, servant to the needy

My Review:
This is a book I  read through quickly. Why you may ask? Because I am a person that is suffering because of the choices of another. As I read through the pages I was looking for someone who had suffered as I am but found no story exactly like mine. But I did fine some  accounts applicable that I could use to help me through my suffering. There I found my "Ragged Hope" to carry on. Not as I had been but as one who found some hope, some comfort and some sound wisdom to rise above this present suffering.
Through these pages you will read some heart wrenching stories. Other will be more common place, relatable for all because at sometime we all have suffered due to  other's choices. This book is inspiring but at times difficult to read. But the author also provides questions at the end of each chapter on how to deal with the suffering or how to help another person you may know who is suffering in some similar way.
The flip side of this book is that it should remind us all that our choices may cause another to suffer.
May we always strive to walk according to God's will and not our own fleshly desires.

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